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Repost: Thai Time with Kal

This is a link to a blog post of a sweet young woman that I am honored to know.  Her mother is a dear friend of mine.  “Kal”….Kalynn, is an exchange student in Thailand this year. Continue reading Repost: Thai Time with Kal

Teaching a Child to Give

Hebrews 13_16 “Do not neglect to do good

We all do for our kids. Sometimes we “overdo” because we did not have much growing up. My husband and I were in situations growing up in which kept us from getting everything we wanted…sometimes needed. Continue reading Teaching a Child to Give

Simple Carpenters and Blueprints


Simple Carpenters and Blueprints….

Although I do question the actual “simplicity” of either a carpenter or a blueprint….I am by no means an expert, not even close. I am simply amazed at what carpenters can do. They can build things that I can only imagine. Sometimes they use a blueprint, sometimes nothing but their vivid imagination and a plan sketched out in their head!

My boys always loved to build with Legos. In fact, one enjoys creating with wood to this day. And another can build websites and designs. I am amazed when they send me pictures of window benches, work cabinets, web site and other such things. Continue reading Simple Carpenters and Blueprints