Can I Have this Dance?


Can I Have This Dance?

My husband and I love to dance. We have danced since we dated. Of course it was disco then…..and it is disco now when we get a chance to dance! Thankfully, most weddings do include oldies!  We actually won contests when we were teens.  Our sons may doubt that a bit.

But we even like to dance in the kitchen. A good Pandora station can do wonders for a couple. If anyone saw us they might laugh, my goodness…we laugh at ourselves! But it is so much fun. Such a sweet thing between us.

I had struggled for several years with how much the Father really loved me. How could Jesus Christ love me without condition? I always thought that God only loved me when I obeyed Him. I was completely immersed in legalism. The more I worked, the more He loved me…or so I thought. If I did not do what I “should” He would not love me.  

I was in the middle of a Bible study on “love” and I could feel something changing in my heart.

Then it happened.

The dream……the beautiful, lovely, incredible dream.

I was dressed in the most beautiful blue iridescent ball gown. I looked like a princess. I had on a tierra that glistened with my favorite stones, sapphire.  The stone of my birth month. The ball room was just as gorgeous. The light in the room was the brightest I had seen….it just sparkled. The warmth felt like a breeze from the ocean, coating my spirit in praise.  It felt as though I could glide on air.

I was dancing with a man. I assumed it was my husband…he was tall, broad shouldered and had hair down to his shoulder, which was not my husband’s hair. Hmmmm, his skin was darker than my husband. I was a bit curious.  Could it be?

We glided effortlessly across the floor to the beautiful music. The dance was full of grace and beauty and love seemed to pour from the very room. I had never seen anything like it before, and even though it was a dream…I had never felt so loved in my life! Not at all a romantic love, but a love that was like nothing I had ever felt. Unconditional love….so deep that nothing could penetrate it.

I was dancing with Jesus.   Jesus.

As He led me across that ballroom floor, I began to understand just how much He loved me…His daughter, His princess.

1 John 4:16  “So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.”

Yes, you can have this dance Jesus.

unconditional love

Be blessed~

Isaiah 55:8-9

*google image, ESV Bible*

2 thoughts on “Can I Have this Dance?

  1. Oh, beyond words. Thank you for sharing this. How wonderful to go through this day and the many to come with this visual before my mind!


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