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Our Home


We all do it at one time or another. We visit somewhere that feels like home to us.

My “home” seems to be the beach. The ache in my soul is a reminder that I am not at “home”. Deep within my heart is a love for the ocean and everything about it. I love to stare upon the horizon and let my thoughts drift to a peace and comfort I only seem to access there. I enjoy listening to the waves and the constant, rhythmic lapping as they hit the shoreline. Continue reading Our Home

Unconditional Love in Person

My sister in law passed away Saturday, January 10, 2015.   She was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago, bone cancer a year ago and just recently it had spread. She was 59 years old.


(picture of big sister Connie with her little brother, my husband)

Her memorial service was Wednesday and her adult children planned a lovely service. Connie had donated her body to science, which was characteristic of her loving heart. Continue reading Unconditional Love in Person

I Am Just Passing Through….



Just Passing Through

I write today with a heavy heart for so many. A young youth pastor was killed in an automobile accident last night with his group coming home from doing mission work. Although I do not know him personally, my heart aches for his family. He had a little one and wife. Tragic. Yet, these things are happening all around us.

People are going through severe personal issues, loss of jobs, cancer, emotional pain…the list goes on and on. And these things have gone on as long as I have been alive to remember, and they will continue to do so. I cannot fix any of it. I want to….I so hurt for them. So I pray.

The hard questions come from others. Why? Shouldn’t we pray harder? I don’t have answers for those questions, nor do I even understand what it means to pray “harder”. But I do know one thing….Jesus gets it, and my home is really not here anyway, this is indeed my temporary residence. Continue reading I Am Just Passing Through….