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His Resurrection is our……

The Resurrection of Jesus

These words have been on my heart for several weeks. I am so grateful for the love of Jesus Christ.  His death, burial and resurrection gives me life today.   May you be encouraged with this great truth!




What Do Your Words Carry?


I am not talking about what you might think I am talking about….not about living or dying per say.

I am referring to the words we speak.

What do our words carry? Continue reading What Do Your Words Carry?

Unconditional Love in Person

My sister in law passed away Saturday, January 10, 2015.   She was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago, bone cancer a year ago and just recently it had spread. She was 59 years old.


(picture of big sister Connie with her little brother, my husband)

Her memorial service was Wednesday and her adult children planned a lovely service. Connie had donated her body to science, which was characteristic of her loving heart. Continue reading Unconditional Love in Person