Encouragement for Today~In today's world of swirling circumstances, we need to be reminded of how much we are loved by God.


Simple Feet

Simple Feet

I don’t like feet, except my granddaughter’s feet of course.  But once those feet start walking I may change my mind.  I cannot even stand to touch my own feet so you can imagine how pedicures go! Continue reading


~The Ocean Series~ A Change in Focus to What?

The “Ocean Series” began as an escape of sorts. So many people love the ocean and it becomes their “Happy Place”, especially in the dead of winter.  The ocean has always been a place of refuge for me much like the mountains are for some people.

BUT, for the first time in a very long time something else has taken me to my “Happy Place”.  Something else now occupies my mind with such joy that I can hardly stand it. My problems and issues still exist, but they don’t seem to require as much attention. Why you ask? Continue reading


Grandma and Gifts

I remember my maternal grandmother with so much love. She was a feisty little lady who lived until she was 94 years old.

I would spend the night with Grandma Fannie and watch “As the World Turns” during the day, and “Lawerence Welk” at night. We would eat pancakes in the morning, and popcorn at night I think she started my love of reading and writing because she always had several issues of Reader’s Digest to share with me and would ask me questions after I would read them. And we always painting our nails. Continue reading