Simple Feet

Simple Feet

I don’t like feet, except my granddaughter’s feet of course.  But once those feet start walking I may change my mind.  I cannot even stand to touch my own feet so you can imagine how pedicures go!

Several years ago my step grandfather was very ill. He was in the hospital and not thinking straight at all. I went to visit him and arrived at a late hour. I watched as my grandma lovingly took his right foot in her hand.  She rubbed it to keep it warm. He had diabetes and was in such pain. Her prayers were spoken aloud as she performed her task of love.

Based on my total dislike for feet in general, a truly amazing thing took place.  Without hesitation or prompting by my grandma, I went to the end of the bed and cupped his left foot.   I rubbed it with my warm hands as tears began to flow. I could not stop crying.

His groans of pain began to subside as the warmth returned to both of his feet. His spirit began to calm. I soon realized what the Father was doing through me.

He was allowing me to understand the humility of serving.

I wept with a joy like I had never experienced.  I was honored to serve this man.  He was once unknown to me as a grandpa, but now was a tender part of my heart.  I learned the true joy of servanthood, holding the feet of an 84-year-old man in my hands.

And friends, this coming from a person who has an aversion to feet!! Knowing in my heart that the very Lord I love, also died for my eternal freedom. I knew that I would never forget this moment in my life.

Honored to serve. The Lord served his disciples, he comes to serve us. And that very Jesus lives within us. His example is our example.

You cannot do this in your own strength beloved, trust me! It is a surrender to His life in us. Nothing else can make it happened…I could not have held that old man’s feet in my own hands in my strength.

That my friends, was Jesus!  

And all he used in my life was…….

Simple feet.

~Be Encouraged Today~


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