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Simple Creation Lesson


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Simple Creation Lesson

Stop, look…..

                     out your front door.

We just got back from a vacation in Southwest Florida and God reminded me over and over how incredible His creation is…and that I so often take it for granted.

Maybe it is my age..but things look brighter, I see more details, creation indeed sings His praises.

What a great “kid” activity!
1.) Have your children go outside with a camera…a disposable one works great.


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Simple Summer


Simple Summer

Summer is almost officially upon us, although today feels as though it has arrived. Our morning walk was just a tad bit hotter than usual. But this family has always loved summer.

Baseball games, whiffle ball, fireflies, swimming, beaches, long days, short nights, back porches…well you get the general idea. I am sure you can add your favorite summer activities to make you own list! In fact, that might be a good idea. Or let your children journal what they see and learn!

There is something about summer that gives us permission to slow down a bit. No set bedtimes, no set wake up times. When the kids were little, summer just happened at a different pace. Continue reading Simple Summer

SNOW DAYS…Dance And…..


Another Snow Day?  We dance!

What’s a mom to do???  Cabin fever has set in and the kids are burning up! 

As a one time public school teacher, I sometimes participated in the…gulp…”Snow dance” and then wished I hadn’t when the first day of June rolled around and we were still in school!  And as a one time home schooling mom, we were always looking for things to do after we completed our school work.

We really didn’t take “snow days” as homeschoolers, as we had other days that we took as “off school” days.  But when the snow did come around, we wanted to do some things that were special.  So we did.  I thought it might be a good idea to make a list of possible suggestions to repel that cabin fever.  These were tried and true in this house, especially when going out was not an option because of the temperatures. And quite honestly, it was just easier to plan these activities so I didn’t have to referee so many arguements!

1.   Collages- Kids like to glue.  I prefer glue sticks, based on my recent experiences in the public school with little ones!  But if you have magazines, or other “junk”, let them glue it on paper.  Come up with a theme, or allow them to make up a story from their “collage”.  With younger kids, simply cut out some items and have them available.  We always had some creative pictures.

2.  Make a movie.  My boys always liked filming themselves. Most of the time I let them do the creating, and that never seemed to be a problem! We have dozens of “movies” of them singing, acting.  Let’s just put it this way…at this point in their lives, I could probably bribe them!  Today with cell phones making it so easy to video, you might just have a masterpiece on your hands!

3.  Forts.  Need I say more?

4.  Let them write.  Don’t worry about spelling or even if it makes sense!  Give them paper, staple in pages for writing and drawing…and let them go for it.  I can guarantee you they will be able to “read” their story to you at bedtime!

5.  In an effort to leave the television off most of the time (we had set hours only), we DANCED!  That’s right, WE danced.  Burn off that energy!!  I even let my kiddos at school dance when I saw they were getting bored or too energy packed!!  And I ALWAYS danced with them.  It was good for me, good for them to see me dancing and having fun!  DISCLAIMER* You might want to make sure the video camera is turned off if your children are as capable of posting to a social media site as I think they could be!*

6.   Read a Bible story.  If it always seems like you don’t have time to read to them, do it today.  Let them pick the story and the place in which to read it.  Let them act it out, write about it, make a picture about it…if it is about David, you could even DANCE!!

Ecclesiastes 3:1-4 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:  a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot,  a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance….”   

Dance means “raqad”.. to skip about, to dance, leap, to make to skip. (Strong’s)

So….more snow means more dancing!!!!  And yep, my husband and I just completed a three song set in the kitchen a little while ago!! 

Blessings dear ones,

Isaiah 55:8-9

*Strongs Concordance*

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