It is Finished! Amazon Publishing I am on my Way!

Hey there friends!

I am taking a little break from my blog for a couple of weeks.  I finally finished my book, “The Unexpected Gifts” or “Unexpected Gifts” .  I keep going back to the second as the title.  I have completed another proof read, and now going back to update and edit…again 🙂

It is amazing how many things I had to change because of dialogue, time, tense.  Whew.  It will never be perfect, but hopefully good enough that you will want to read it non-stop!

So, until then…..Unexpected Gifts Ebook Cover-3My 30-year-old goal to write a book and publish it is almost completed.  I will be self publishing on Amazon if anyone has any tips and prayers, I would appreciate them!!

~Be Encouraged Today~


3 thoughts on “It is Finished! Amazon Publishing I am on my Way!

  1. Oh Tammy, I’m so happy for you! I agree that the second title might be more powerful I think but it is your choice and either one sounds pretty good. You write so beautifully, I just know it will be successful.

    My advice: edit, edit, edit! No book is perfect and even after you publish, you might go back and sigh, “Why did I say it that way instead of this way???” The beauty of publishing on amazon is that you can usually change the manuscript after it’s published. Are you going to do so through Kindle or CreateSpace? I will be happy to publicize your book in any way I can, my friend. Blessings for success to glorify our Lord,


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