In Just Two Days!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that “Unexpected Gifts”, my book was finished.  I have proofed it again after two rounds of editing, so there are still a lot of corrections that need to be done.   I was taking time off from blogging to get it ready for publishing Before our first grandchild arrived.

Well she had other ideas.  She arrived a couple of weeks early and is now two days old.  So much for the book!  But she already inspired me to complete it, and I will publish it soon through her inspiration.

Right now I am enjoying rocking, bouncing, singing, holding and loving on our little granddaughter.  Words cannot describe how it feels to be a “Grandmother”, and of course “Grandpa” feels the same way!  Oh I know many have gone before me, but none have had this little gal.

I have to thank my precious daughter in law and son for allowing us to be grandparents. They are already incredible parents, but we are not surprised; they have always been incredible people!

It is amazing how the grass seems a little greener, the sun a little brighter and the clouds a little fluffier since she arrived.  I am amazed how a little six pound girl can affect so many people. I look upon her tiny little eyelashes, fingernails on her long, slender fingers and her head full of dark hair and all I can think is….

…..Thank you sweet Lord for this precious miracle of life.  She has changed our famiy forever….and in just two days!

~Be Encouraged Today~


3 thoughts on “In Just Two Days!

    1. Oh Ellie, this is simply incredible. Watching my son turn into a Daddy has been so precious. And my little granddaughter? Let’s just say that being 6 hours away is so hard, but I want to be sure and cherish the time we do have with her! I was her very first and second babysitter, so I feel pretty special! Thank you so much!!

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