~The Ocean Series~ Beach Umbrellas

Most of the time when we make the track down to the beach to sit oceanside, we take our beach umbrellas.  And I have taken many pictures with the ones that match lined up on the beach like students in the line to go to the cafeteria. And I especially love to see all the different colored ones splattered against that shoreline.

But more times than I care to count…the beach umbrella gets caught by a gust of wind….and there is goes, tumbling over itself like it was a tumbleweed in the desert! My husband thought he had turned it far enough in the sand to stay, but alas….it is never enough! Even the pros have trouble with the right gust!

It is like living the Christian life.  It is never enough!  You can press in, work harder, lead VBS, feed the hungry, have daily Bible studies, sing in the choir…and it would never be “enough.”

Not “enough” to get the Father to love you any more than He already does.  He loves you.  Period.  

Not that those things are bad things, they just will never stay put…they will never be enough.  His grace is enough.  Jesus’ sacrifice was enough.  We just get to be a part of His work by joining Him.  But love us more when we do more things for Him? Nope.  It is not possible for Him to love us more than He already does.  And He won’t love us less either.

So maybe we don’t need an umbrella, but a good cloud cover to protect us from those sun rays.  Hey wait a minute, I think God did that a few times already!!

~Be Encouraged Today~


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