~The Ocean Series~ How about those Lifeguards?

My hubby and I were walking along the beach one balmy evening.  The wind had picked up quite a bit, there was a tropical depression headed our way.  We could not see it, but we could feel the change!

And as you would imagine, the people out in the ocean loved it…even though those red flags were flying high.  Many people just don’t heed warnings that are right in front of them.  They would rather believe that it “could never happen to them.”  Most of us have been in those situations one time or another.

Then it happened, the lifeguard jumped off his chair, grabbed the preserver and headed out into the surf.  Someone was caught in a riptide.  Soon there was a vehicle on the beach provided a back up lifeguard.  That turned out to be wise since she took off after someone as soon as her feet hit the sand.

We receive warnings all through life.  Sometimes it is that still small voice, other times we just know better, but we do it anyway.  Then we wondered why “life is treating us so badly?”  And just like getting caught in that riptide, our Lfeguard throws out the life preserver since HE has already been in the water before us, with us and after we are rescued. 

But another thing I personally have to remember is that I cannot be everyone’s lifeguard. I cannot save a soul.  I cannot fix people or their lives.  I can only point them to the true LIFEGUARD, Jesus Christ.

So next time you are walking along the beach and pass the lifeguard….tell him Thanks!

~Be Encouraged Today~


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