~The Ocean Series~ The Leaning Palm Tree

The large palm tree’s fronds rustle as the tree sways in the gentle breeze.  It curtsies as the wind blows near the coast.  

Have you ever wondered why palm trees bend toward the water?  Apparently it is for several reasons.  One is “phototropism.”  The trees reach for as much light as possible.  Water reflects the light, so the trees reach for as much light as they can get!.  Also leaning towards the water aids in reproduction because the current can carry the seeds away for dispersal.

Do we lean toward the light?  Do we want as much light as possible? Or do we turn away from the light because it might expose the darkness we find ourselves in?

Once the darkness is exposed to the light, that darkness has no power over us!  That is often really hard to admit.  Sometimes we prefer the darkness because of the pain that we will experience to expose it.  But once it is exposed…then God can bring that healing that we so desperately need, and the freedom in Christ is revealed.

Are we are deceived by the darkness?  Some trees lean precariously near the water because they are planted in shallow sand. Their foundation is not deep enough.  Are we planted in shallow sand?

That is the beauty of the Gospel.  God reveals Himself in everything around us if we just look and listen.  

I want to constantly lean toward the light…my source of nourishment….my foundation.  Jesus Christ, yesterday, today and forever.

Who is ready for a beach trip? I might need to study those palm trees!!

~Be Encouraged Today~


*personal graphics, AMP Bible


6 thoughts on “~The Ocean Series~ The Leaning Palm Tree

    1. Yes He is….and truly it is in “giving we receive.” A little bummed yesterday evening and the Father allowed me to become who He designed me to be…and I felt better. It is a good thing”feelings” don’t dictate our faith!! I would be in trouble! Love you sister!!

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