Nothing for Granted!

Not for granted

It is not Father’s Day, Husband’s Day, my beloved’s birthday or even our anniversary. It is an ordinary day. I worked all day at the boutique.

And like every other day the last almost four years, I have come home to a clean house, completed laundry and a delicious dinner. No, it is not a “maid” or someone trying to impress me or win me over.

It is my husband of 35 years.

Now before you start looking for a 3-D copier…he is not perfect. We bicker, I assume like all other 35 year married couples. He gets on my nerves, I get on his (hard to believe I know) but it is not a big deal anymore. If you’ve been married for a while you know how it is…we can bicker without even hearing each other’s voices.  Of course we know each other’s thoughts before we know our own.  

It is really kind of weird if you think about it…but I digress…

Often times I have not taken time to appreciate him. And I know that I could sing his praises when he was gone…but I choose to do it now. I appreciate all he does for me. I appreciate how he takes care of me while I work.

We are trying to stop more often and appreciate each other…and time together. There are too many people our age that have had their lives cut short by accidents, disease or even natural causes. We want to live our lives now and not wait until we actually have the time to do so. We want to live our lives enjoying those “moments”.

I do work two-part time jobs, and he is retired. But like so many, helping with aging parents and the everyday of life can occupy plenty of time.

But simply put……We have consciously decided to take the time for the small things. Now.

Enjoy each other. Appreciate each other. Take nothing for granted.

Stop. Smell the roses. Ride in the Jeep. Watch a sunset.

Say I love you for no reason. Give hugs and kisses. Take nothing for granted.

Life can be too short. God provided His peace….we just need to access it more often.

Phil 4_7


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible, personal graphics

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