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Simple Shot



The nurse knew the little boy would not like his shot.  Most children never do.  Nurse Violet had tried and tried to convince the little ones that shots would help them feel better.  “No way, it will make me hurt more.” the little boy whispered as he sat in his mother’s lap.  Johnny cried and cried.  “I don’t want a shot Mama” he quietly said in his mother’s ear.  He wanted to be brave, but there were limits!

Nurse Violet got out her large jar of suckers.  “Johnny, I will give you one of these cherry suckers if you will let me give you this shot.  Dr. Jones wants me to give it to you so you will get better. “But Nurse Violet”, Johnny sniffled, “I think I feel better already, so now you don’t have to give me that big ‘ole shot!”

“This is one of the worst parts of the jobs” she thought.  “What will I do?”  she thought.  “This little guy is scared to death.”  She decided to get out her pretend syringe.  “Johnny, look what I have…let me show you how it works.” Nurse Violet said.Nurse Violet got out a small bowl of water. With Johnny looking, she dipped the tip into the bowl. Slowly she pulled up the water through the syringe. “What do you see Johnny?” Nurse Violet asked. Continue reading Simple Shot