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Simple Rain


Simple Rain

And rain…and rain.

“They waited for me as for the rain, And opened their mouth as for the spring rain.”  Job 29:23

We are in a pattern of rain around here most certainly.  I have been working full time the last week and wondered if all this rain was just my imagination, then my husband informed me otherwise.  It has rained…everyday, at some point or another.  And the pattern may continue for a few more.

But what a difference rain is on a summer day than on a fall day!  I could not be sitting on here on the back porch writing.  I could not enjoy the birds singing as they bathe…yet again.  I could not see the flowers perpetually growing in front of me.  I could not smell the fragrance of the honeysuckle as it tickles my nose.

I remember letting my little guys play in the warm rain.  Oh, how they loved it!  It was as though I had given them the moon!  They were allowed to get wet, soaked, drenched from head to toe.  Of course the first time I allowed this I sent them out with umbrellas.  Ha.  That lasted all of 5 seconds, as those umbrellas became better at splashing one another than actually covering themselves to avoid getting wet!

But what abandonment they experienced!  Not a care in the world.  Splashing through the street, looking for the biggest puddle they could find!  Looking for rainbows as the sun tried to peek through the cloud over head.  Opening their months to receive the best tasting water on the planet.

Yep, you guessed it.  Instead of watching them….I joined them.  No rules, no regulations, no worries.  Just simple rain.  Contentment.  Enjoying life in that moment.  Pure ‘ole fun. Rejoicing in the day, and experiencing His love.

“The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad.”  Psalm 118:24

Be blessed~


Isaiah 55:8-9