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Christians, Depression and Guilt


Christians, Depression and Guilt
**I actually wrote part of this blog in February 2014. I saved it as a draft and did not publish it….I just wasn’t sure if I should….it is past time now. This is too important NOT to blog…the dialogue has been opened as we grieve the loss of Robin Williams.

We all have “down” days if we are honest with each other. And sometimes Christians are not “upfront” about this particular issue. I am not just talking about those days…I am talking about clinical depression.  Not talking about it honestly  hurts the body of Christ. The judgment that is often present has come to light many times as believers deal with it. I have not seen a lot of grace extended….it is time for a change.

Of course I was diagnosed with depression/anxiety about 19 years ago.

I am not an expert by any means, but my personal experience might help someone else and that is my prayer.
For several years I would suffer bouts of depression and anxiety attacks. But I thought if I prayed hard enough I would get through them. I would fight through the pain, only to have it return with a vengeance. And I could not tell any of my Christian friends. What would they think? I was able to handle life. My prayer life was strong, I was an encourager to others. Continue reading Christians, Depression and Guilt

Love Everyone! Excuse Me?


Love Everyone!!          Excuse Me?

No can do!

True Confession~I do not like everyone I am around. There are a number of reasons, some of which if I shared..you wouldn’t like them either. Dare I say if you told me stories, I wouldn’t like some of the folks around you as well!

But wait a minute, aren’t we suppose to like everyone and even love everyone we come in contact with as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ?
Continue reading Love Everyone! Excuse Me?

Gunsmoke and Redemption?

Gunsmoke and Redemption?

My husband and I love to watch old episodes of Gunsmoke when we eat dinner.  Yep, we are getting old enough that we eat our dinner in front of the television.  This empty nest has caused us to do all kinds of crazy things!!

It is just plain ‘ole good T.V.  Marshall Dillon had such a kind heart and wanted to give everyone a fair shake.  I still wish he and Kitty had gotten together before the end of the show, but that is another blog.

This particular episode starred Claude Akins as an old “gunfighter” who had led a gang.  A member of his gang had literally “shot him in the back” and he wanted revenge.  It took a year for him to heal, then four years to find the man. Continue reading Gunsmoke and Redemption?