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Rocky and Mickey


Most of you have seen the “Rocky” movies. The first movie was my favorite. In fact, the first Rocky movie was one of the first dates I had with my husband.  He even bought me the soundtrack, it was an album back then!! And yes, I had the teeshirt!

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Christ is Enough


I wanted to share a story with you about one of my dearest friends and long time mentor, Jane.  She dealt with Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS).  Rather than tell her story, I wanted to give you the opportunity to hear it in her own words. Continue reading Christ is Enough

Are you Alone?

Loneliness 2

Are there days that you feel as though you are alone sitting in the middle of the ocean on an uninhabited island?

Then again, how many of us would give anything to go there right now!? But that is not the point…..

Have you ever been in the middle of a large crowd and felt more alone than if you were really in the middle of that ocean?

We have Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, text messages and instant communication that far exceeds anything we ever thought possible.

And yet, we often feel alone.

social media

Why is that? Better yet, are we ever alone? Have we created our own environment of loneliness?

I am as guilty as the next guy with my cell phone and accessing all the communication possibilities within my grasp. My husband is not interested in any of those things, in fact as he says, he has a “dumb phone”…flip phone for that guy!

He makes a valid point.

It is much easier to access communication and relationships in that fashion. We can say what we want to say, but those verbal cues are missing. Which can be good….or bad.

It is so interesting that the very mode of communication that we seek within social media is available to us 24/7 and has been for years…our communication with the Father.

“So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

He gets the non verbal cues, listens when we feel alone, knows when we are hurting, and we can access Him at any time of the morning, noon or night. He will never leave nor forsake you.

That’s communication I understand, although admittedly…..sometimes take for granted.

We must always remember that we truly never alone…HE is always with us.

~Be Blessed

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*pixabay, NIV Bible, personal