Rocky and Mickey


Most of you have seen the “Rocky” movies. The first movie was my favorite. In fact, the first Rocky movie was one of the first dates I had with my husband.  He even bought me the soundtrack, it was an album back then!! And yes, I had the teeshirt!

But Rocky was just a plain ordinary guy. He was a bit of an underdog, which made him that more enduring. I cannot tell you how many times we have watched the first Rocky movie!

In every movie he had a trainer. My favorite trainer (of course) was Mickey (Burgess Meredith.) He was always in the corner for Rocky. When Rocky had a bad round…he was there to encourage him and keep him going. When Rocky had a good round, he was there to tell him “good job”.mickey

Point being….Rocky’s trainer was always in his corner. ALWAYS. Win, lose or draw. He never left his corner.

Rocky always fought hard. He always received cuts, bruises, injuries. But Mickey always was there. I believe if he could have gotten in that ring to fight for Rocky he would have done so.

Friends, we have a “Mickey” in our corner too. When we are fighting for our life, when we are bumped, bruised, scraped, cut or injured…..HE is there in our corner. He is there when things are going well….and when they are not going so well.


Our “trainer” never leaves our corner, and HE never will. Isn’t that wonderful to know that Jesus Christ himself is in your corner?rocky-and-mick

And yes, HE has been in the ring for you. And that fight was won!




Be Encouraged Today~

Isaiah 55_8-9


3 thoughts on “Rocky and Mickey

      1. Oh yes, I think you’re right about that! It was a wonderful movie! Of course I was talking about the “formulas” in disaster movies, horror and others,. Look at Jaws, Bourne, Halloween . . . , even Nicholas Sparks and stupid comedy films when you yawn and know the outcome even before the next act. (I’m sure we think alike in that point because we’re both so smart. 🙂 )


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