Honest Kids

legs-216618_640Little kids crack me up. They are so honest, sometimes brutally so….and if you have been on the receiving end of that brutality you are not sure whether to scold, laugh or cry.

They cry when they hurt. They scream when they are mad. They yell when someone aggravates them. Fear will often drive them into their parent’s beds at night.

When I was in the classroom I had many honest questions. Some wondered why I had those weird lines at the corner of my eyes? I was once asked why I looked so much like a grandma and yet did not have any grandchildren?

I think that is how the Father wants us to be with Him. Honest. Brutally so. Nothing surprises Him….I mean after all, this is the Creator of the Universe.matthew-19_14

But I cry when I am hurt, I sometimes scream when I am mad. And if you aggravate me, I might even yell (ask my husband). And when I am scared….I run to my Daddy, my Abba Father. Yes, I do ask honest questions.

God Almighty loves me. He created me and He wants me to be honest with Him. After all, He already knows what I am thinking doesn’t He?

Just as if I was a little kid.

And I really am……..to Him.

Be Encouraged Today~

Isaiah 55_8-9


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