Cupped Hands


The other day I saw a daddy talking to his toddler.  But it was so much more than “talking”. He actually had the little guy’s face cupped in his hands telling him he loved him.daddy-loves-you

It was the most precious sight. I am not sure if the little guy had done something wrong, or had been crying or if the dad just wanted to make sure his son heard what he was saying.

“Daddy loves you so much”. The little guy just smiled, then he giggled a little bit. But in that one moment, there is no doubt in my mind that the child understood just how much he was loved.

We have all seen them…daddies staring into the faces of their baby, holding them ever so tightly and even kissing their little feet!

Imagine for a moment. The Father, our Abba has your face cupped in His hands. He looks tenderly into your eyes…..And He is telling you just how much He loves you. “ (fill in your name)….I love you so much.”1-john-3_1

His eyes pierce yours and you feel the warmth of His strong hands. You have never felt such love in your entire life. 

Friends, that is not your vivid imagination. This is truth.

HE LOVES YOU……more than you can ever possibly imagine.

Close your eyes…..

Be Encouraged Today~

Isaiah 55_8-9



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