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Snakes and Reputations

We have all used a similar phrase at one time or another:  “He is as mean as a snake”.

I used to think that the only “good” snake was a dead one! After all, the serpent was a problem time and time again in the Bible.

We have had significant flooding in the area, and it appears as though the snakes have possibly been driven to higher ground in this neck of the woods. We have had three very long snakes in our yard in the last several weeks.

The first one was only seen by my hubby and in our front yard and he was able to kill it. There we have a “good” snake. The second five foot beauty was seen climbing up our large maple tree in the back yard while he was looking out the window.  Needless to say, he made it up the tree. Continue reading Snakes and Reputations

What’s that Fragrance you’re Wearing?

It seems that most of us like to smell good.

Pleasing Aroma?

I know I do. I have a fragrance that I prefer in the summer and in the winter. Spring and fall I seem to vacillate between the two…I will choose one on one particular morning and the other one a different day. Continue reading What’s that Fragrance you’re Wearing?

The P’s…..


I love the Father, my Abba, my Papa.

However, sometimes I miss hearing from Him. Yes, sometimes He is quiet. But more often than not I am too busy to listen. Continue reading The P’s…..