Snakes and Reputations

We have all used a similar phrase at one time or another:  “He is as mean as a snake”.

I used to think that the only “good” snake was a dead one! After all, the serpent was a problem time and time again in the Bible.

We have had significant flooding in the area, and it appears as though the snakes have possibly been driven to higher ground in this neck of the woods. We have had three very long snakes in our yard in the last several weeks.

The first one was only seen by my hubby and in our front yard and he was able to kill it. There we have a “good” snake. The second five foot beauty was seen climbing up our large maple tree in the back yard while he was looking out the window.  Needless to say, he made it up the tree.

Then Saturday….yep, another one. As well as sixteen very strange looking hatched eggs near the bank of the creek…why yes, you guessed it!  Snake eggs.

So I fought my fear and took a picture. I thought it was a black snake, and after a desperate social media posts it was confirmed to be a black snake(s).

Lucky us. It appears as these reptiles have a good reputation. They kill rodents and other poisonous snakes. They won’t bother us, they will just go about their business. So “Bertha” has not shown herself since that day…nor have her offspring. And that is the way I want it to stay.

But just because she is a snake she got associated with all the bad snakes! I have learned that there are good snakes with a purpose out there.

It made me think of something really simple. We have purpose.

We have a life that was created by God that has value. No matter what anyone might think or assume because of our past associations, reputation,  problems or decisions.

Just like “Bertha” I have value, and so do you!

Sooooooooooooo, I will continue to try and embrace “Bertha, the Black Snake” and her purpose, but I have to tell you…if the offspring decide to stick around, they may be “relocated” by our friend who has embraced their purpose already and loves to relocate them!

~Be Encouraged Today~


*personal images


3 thoughts on “Snakes and Reputations

  1. Ewww, this post about snakes Creeps.Me. Out! (Squirm.) When I was a spunky kid on a farm I played with salamanders, frogs, bugs – had a pet skunk and raccoon but snakes freaked me out. As a six year old, I got caught on a stone bridge once with a snake blocking my way and I screamed bloody murder until people came running from two farms away. Ha! And some people say I have such a soft voice, 🙂 It’s great you can see the good in so many things – one reason I love you guys so much, 🙂

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    1. Oh my friend…how hard it is to find the good in snakes. One thing for sure, I cannot let fear become a part of living here. We love our yard so much and have so much fun in our Jeep. As long as they stay away from my field of vision I can survive!! Have a great weekend!

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