Manna and Grace

I was thinking about the Israelites today. They were led out of bondage from Egypt. Then they complained to Moses and Aaron that they did not have enough to eat, they were in a desert after all!

So God gave them manna every day. They were told not to save it, to only use what they needed for that day. Then God would provide what they needed the following day and so forth.

But as expected, some saved it and it spoiled. If you want to read a good story, read Exodus, especially Chapter 16.

I was thinking about those whining Israelites and how God had already done so much for them…and yet they did not trust Him for their daily manna. Then I was humbled a bit.

How am I any different than the whining Israelites?

I am not.

I quickly I forgot how God’s grace got me through a tough time nine years ago, five years ago, ten days ago….yesterday.  His grace has always been sufficient.

But I choose to worry about tomorrow and what might happen.

But doesn’t He give us enough Grace for each day? When we need Grace for tomorrow, it will be there. He gives it to us daily. We come to Him and ask Him daily to be our provision, our Grace. And honestly, as long as we are surrendered to Him daily…like the Israelites, we don’t have to ask….He has it already there for us.

My tomorrow might need a lot of Grace….and He will provide. My Monday of next week might not need as much….and He will provide. I don’t need to save it up or worry about if I have enough.

We remember God’s Grace in our lives, seen in the manna each day.

So I guess those whining Israelites really had nothing on me.

~Be Encouraged Today~



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