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What is True Friendship?

True Friendship-2

I have been reminded again of how valuable friendship really is the last several weeks. One friend that I once taught with is headed to teach in Texas. Another good friend that worked at the same school is moving to Alabama.

My husband and I had dinner with a couple that we have been friends with since our children were young. We ended up having a three hour dinner! It had been way too long!

We have some friends from our young married years that we still are in contact with even though they are in different states…and when we talk it seems like it was just yesterday we spoke. And we are so fortunate to have great friendships that have been around since our school days.  We stick together because when one of us forgets, odds are that someone else remembers!

But a very good childhood friend left for Florida today. The memories we have will be treasured forever. Continue reading What is True Friendship?

True Friendship

True Friendship

I truly try to be a good friend.

Often times I open myself up to hurt. Some keep walls up, others (like me) don’t know when to erect even the smallest wall. You’d think at my age I would have learned better by now. Is it worth the risk?

I trust basically everyone who claims to be my friend. That has proven to be a bit of a mistake. I must chuckle when I look at my friend’s list on Facebook. There are certainly “degrees” to friendship. Continue reading True Friendship