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Again~Oscar and the Reminder

I am in the craft room working…low and behold…there Oscar is…again…on the same day as last year.  I think the message deserves a repeat post.  The Father used my dog again.


Oscar and The Reminder

Our furry baby is a West Highland Terrier named Oscar.

We are “empty nesters” and he has moved into our hearts and taken it, throwing away that silly key!  He drives us crazy (‘tenacious terriers” is not an understatement). But we cannot imagine life without him. We lost our other Westie, Bubba almost six years ago and we were never having another animal because his death hurt so much.

Right…….Our animals can teach us a lot.

Oscar brought something to my attention again.  I have seen it before, and most likely written about it..but it really confirmed the importance of the lesson to me again. Continue reading Again~Oscar and the Reminder

Valentine’s Day is Coming!!

Valentine’s Day Activities


As a teacher in the public schools and a homeschooling mom…I have spent a lot of time with Valentine’s Day activities and teaching about love.

Here are some interesting and useful sites I found: Continue reading Valentine’s Day is Coming!!

Memories…Love Unconditionally

Memories..Love Unconditionally


We are currently in the process of transferring our old VCR tapes to DVD. It is a long, tedious process. But VCR tapes are known not to last more than 20 years and some of ours have outlived their lifespan. Or at least I hope they outlive that age until I can play them one more time for recording.

I am using the “Toshiba DVR620 DVD/VHS Recorder” which I found on Amazon. I am sure there are other quality recorders, this is just the one I chose. For me hooking it up to the TV was the hardest part. Continue reading Memories…Love Unconditionally