~The Ocean Series~ Buoys with a Purpose

I just love sitting on the beach facing the ocean. I can literally do it for hours. It is so many things to people. Sometimes I like looking out at that huge expanse and seeing all the things in it, and imagining what is underneath the surface.

The “buoys” bobbing in the water fascinate me. Sometimes there are birds sitting on top of them. They usually look worn because they have been there for a while.

This is a true definition of the noun, “Buoy”: a distinctively shaped and marked float, sometimes carrying a signal or signals, anchored to mark a channel, anchorage, navigational hazard, etc., or to provide a mooring place away from the shore.

You probably already know where I am going with this. Jesus Christ is our “buoy”. He anchors us, warns us of danger. He helps us navigate those crazy channels and He is our mooring place away from the shore. When we see the “buoy” we know we can truly rest from the struggles of life, or find our way.

I believe that God can use all the things around us to remind us of just who He is! Dear ones…you are LOVED by Jesus Christ. Don’t miss the opportunity for help through this crazy world, or the opportunity to spend eternity with Him in heaven.

So the next time you feel you need to find a safe place away from the shore, check in with our “buoy”…His name is Jesus.


~Be Encouraged Today~


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