~The Ocean Series~ Sand Castles

Sand….good qualities out weigh the bad (as long as there are not cats around). Our family always loved building sandcastles.  One year we all worked hard to make a fort full of castles. It had a moat, and a draw bridge over that moat! It took all day and we all put our hearts in to it!

People walked by and admired it. Some chatted, others took pictures. This was a FORT.sandcastle-beach_300

Looking at our finished work with pride, we decided it was time for dinner. We did not really want to leave, we wanted to protect it. But the reality of its disappearance was in the future and we all dreaded it.

We came back from dinner and took a walk on the beach to see if the fort had survived. It had…it was intact! There was hope!

The sun began to set. “Maybe it will be here in the morning” one son said. “Yeah, I know it will…we worked so hard! Uh-oh!

But the fact was simple. The foundation was not firm. It was not secure. It was fragile. It would not stand and sand shifts.

The next morning we did not hurry to go down to our spot. We knew what we would not find the fort. It was gone. The fort did not stand.

The boys decided a different approach when we got home. Two weeks later there was a fort, built out of popsicle sticks, glue and rocks…on the concrete patio at our house. We finally had to convince them to take it down…because it wasn’t coming down any other way, rain was not in the forecast.

~Be Encouraged Today~


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