~The Ocean Series~The Lighthouse


The pressures of this world can pull us away from the true source of life. It is not an excuse, just what happens sometimes. There are deadlines, problems with children, elderly parents, work;  just life in general. No Christian purposely puts God aside. We can talk to Him all day, every day. The problem is when we try to get through the things on our own.

When the days were grey and misty on the ocean, ships use to have a very hard time seeing the light. They lost their way if the lighthouse did not shine its light. That lighthouse stood there in grand fashion, rotating its light for all to see. The boats found the light, and the glimpse gave them the idea of which way to head before the lighthouse rotated to another position. The boat followed in that direction until the light would come again, reaffirming the correct direction. That lighthouse never left. It remained in its standing position constantly, ready to guide.isaiah-60_1

Sometimes I allow that light to rotate out of view. It has never left, I just lost sight of it. The Father stands constantly, arms opened wide…ever ready to receive me. I might get lost in the dark, but He swings back around and shows me the way! I was never really lost, I was just not seeing the light.

I run to that beam of light! I need that light to illuminate truth and spotlight assurance. I am so grateful that He is always ready to show me the true source of life. The Father is always ready to guide me and remind me of how I can make it through the pressures of this life.

Have you lost sight of your lighthouse?

~Be Encouraged Today~

Isaiah 55_8-9





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