~The Ocean Series~ Depth, Width, Height, Length


We look out to the ocean, but we cannot see the ocean depth, width, height or length.  There is a mystery about it that we just cannot seem to figure out from observation.


Look at the definitions of  deep, wide, high, and long as Webster’s defines: 

deep: having a large distance to the bottom from the surface or highest point

wide: extending a great distance from one side to the other : not narrow
: measured from side to side : having a specified width: opened as far as possible

high: rising or extending upward a great distance: extending or reaching upward more than other things of the same kind: located far above the ground or another surface

long: extending a great distance from one end to the other end : not short
:extending a specified distance : having a specified length :lasting or continuing for a great amount of time


Look at the dimensions of the love of Christ! A great distance from one side to another, from the bottom to the surface or highest point, from one end to the other, rising up or extending upward….more than other things of the same kind!!

That is a dimension of love that we cannot even imagine! Deeper than the dimensions of the oceans of this world.

That brings me peace. That brings me comfort. That brings me something that nothing of this world can bring me.

We have to hold on to that truth…so…

…..plunge into that depth…

….plunge into that width…

….plunge into that length…

….plunge into the height…

Chances are you will get pretty WET!

~Be Encouraged Today~


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