But God

I have been alive long enough to see some things “come to pass” in my life. I witnessed some things this very weekend. Prayers answered from twenty plus years ago. Blanks filled in……gifts really.

I also had the privilege of making some new friends through the memorial service of a long time friend. As we shared stories about what the Father had done in our individual lives and then she said….”But God”….

I immediately related to those words. As I think back over my life, all the things that “came to pass” that I never expected, or that I was not sure how they truly would turn out….they did. God always seemed to have a plan, a purpose.

But God.

A job you knew you wanted but did not get…..and six months later when you have almost given up…But God.

The desire to write and share encouragement with others…and one day, just by chance…you begin writing for a magazine of encouragement for believers in another country…..But God.

A brand new career with benefits that you did not necessarily need at the time, and then two years later your husband passes….But God.

A storm that devastates your life and the loss of your house…then everything is built again and better than before, replacing all the things that needed replacing….But God.

The still small voice that spoke to your heart and told you to slow down on the road…and suddenly a deer comes from no where and only dents your fender….But God.

Blanks filled in twenty years later when at the time there were no answers…But God.

Friends, He is always with you. He loves you…and He is always listening. He may not answer in the way we feel He should, or He may remain silent. But never doubt His love and care for you and His ability to take care of things, in one way or another.

He may simply increase your faith when you are not sure you can make it until tomorrow…you will…..

But God.















~Be Encouraged Today~





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