~Does not come naturally

~Does not erase the pain

~Does not require someone asking you to do so

~Does not become a forgotten memory.


~Is not easy

~Is painful

~Is only possible with God


~Is a choice

~Is necessary

~Is cleansing


Without it… suffer. It becomes a dull weight that will not go away. It festers and becomes something that can eat at you from within.

I know, for I have been there. Once I forgave, I was truly free of the pain that overcame me.

We all need to forgive others in our lives. It does not mean you become best friends, and it does not mean you will trust that person again…it does mean you have done what the Father has told you to do and with that comes freedom.

Through HIM it is possible….and only through Jesus Christ.Ephesians 4_31-32

~Be Encouraged Today~




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