Lift that Load with Thanksgiving!

I have the privilege of knowing two of the most darling twin boys.  They love watching videos of back hoes, combines, tractors….Evidently any farm implement. They watch with such concentration as some of these machines scoop dirt or rock, lift it, turn and place it in a piles or rearrange it. These machines move with precision and do quite a bit of work. Our very own boys loved watching the very same things years ago.  Some things never change.

But of course,  I got to thinking about our loads…..

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just scoop them up and move them?

Could it start with thanksgiving?  I know that the actual holiday is to be celebrated on Thursday of this week. I know that you will read and hear over and over how important it is to be thankful for things each and every day. While that is a noble call, sometimes I have found that hard to do.

Especially when the load is heavy….

But in our daily thanksgiving, we acknowledge who God is in our life. We look for His purpose and we feel His presence. I am reminded to depend on Him and trust Him when I certainly don’t understand things and need to take just one breath at a time. I might not actually feel thankful, but the more I declare my thankfulness to the Father, the more the attention shifts from me…to Him.

I don’t necessarily wake up every morning thanking God. In fact, more often than not I am moaning from the pain of “unfolding” to get out of bed! But waking with an attitude of “thank you Lord that I can even get out of bed this morning” would change my focus…and I need that many days!

So pull up a back hoe video and watch those back hoes with a mind of a two-year old…we might actually get it! In fact, it was quite mesmerizing!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving friends and Be Encouraged Today!





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