One Time Deposit


We do most of our banking on-line like many other folks.On-line

My husband doesn’t use the computer even though I told him that most likely it was not going away. Rest assured when I die, if I go first, our adult sons have specific instructions since their dad will not be able to pay bills or check our banking account without me.

That being said, he likes it when we keep tabs on our bank account daily. And I do agree with him in this day and age it probably is a good habit to get in to. We look at the deposits, withdrawals, balance and it anything looks “out of order”.

I use to think that was what the Father did when He looked at my life. He kept tabs on me daily. If I read my Bible daily, gave the appropriate tithe each week, prayed every single morning as I had my quiet time….He made deposits in my account.

If I yelled at my kids or husband, got mad at the lady in the car in front of me, or lied on my little Sunday School envelope that said “Bible read daily”….you guessed it. Withdrawals from my account.

So each and every day, even though I knew that His grace had given me eternal life….I still felt like He was keeping tabs on my performance everyday to see how much He could love me. I was always afraid my balance would not be enough.

Over a period of time I learned that my balance was truly what it needed to be by one simple deposit.   A one-time deposit that needed nothing added or subtracted. It was enough.  JESUS.One Time

Friends, that fact I now know to be true and believe with all my heart.  It has allowed me to rest in Christ… more performing….no more acceptance based on what I do or do not do. I am able to love people because He loves them. He lives His life through me, and I don’t have to worry each and every day if I do enough.Ephesians 2_8-9

I don’t worry about my balance. No more “have to” just “get to” when it comes to Jesus.

So the question is….do you trust the one who made your one time deposit?

Be Encouraged Today~

Isaiah 55_8-9


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