Big Sky Day


There are some days that only the description …”Big Sky Day” suffices.  Today was one of those days.

It started years ago when we were first married and rode a little Honda motorcycle. We would ride and talk about “Big Sky Days”. Then we had our sons and if we were outside for any reason we would always see if it was a “Big Sky Day”.

Time has passed so quickly and now it is just the two of us again. But instead of a motorcycle we have what our youngest son refers to as “a middle age person’s version of a motorcycle”….ie….a

We love to go “On Road Jeep’in” as we affectionately refer to it….which brings me back today.

A “Big Sky Day”

What would a “Big Sky Day” be to you?

To us….it is a day when the sky is so blue that even dark sunglasses can’t change the hue. A day in which the sky seems to stretch for miles and miles. The clouds are stacked in such a way that they seem to precariously balance upon one another. Or the clouds vary because the canvas in which they sit is big enough to accommodate them all!

A “Big Sky Day” is a reminder of how much our Father, our God, our Creator loves us. His love goes on and on. No matter how we feel or what we are going through…He loves us.

I am not sure why you need reminded of this today. You might be dealing with ill parents, a divorce, an addiction, a job loss…..whatever it is…look to the sky.

Our God is big enough. Our God is always there…..the love He has for His children in forever. It never stops…it goes on forever.

Like a “Big Sky Day”…..

Be Encouraged Today~

Isaiah 55_8-9


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2 thoughts on “Big Sky Day

  1. I love when the sky looks like that. You can’t look at it without being reminded of the God who loves us.


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