A Comforter for Summer?


Who really is thinking of a comforter during a hot day of summer?

In the winter they are delightful. I love to snuggle on the couch with a good book and some hot tea on a cold winter afternoon. And I must admit that I do get under one when the hubby turns the air condition down a degree or two!

Whoa….wait a minute! I am sitting on the back porch under the fan, sipping seltzer water and there is no snuggling going on.

Comforter/Advocate (Paraclete) in the Greek means “one called to another’s side, or advocate. One called to stand constantly by one’s side and who is ever ready to stand by us and take out part in everything in which he is help is needed.” Our Paraclete.John 14_26-27-2


But we indeed have a comforter this summer, in fact…every season. He is along side us morning, noon and night. He is always there to help us…every year, every month, every day, every moment.

Think about that physical comforter. Use your imagination on this hot summer day.  As simple as it sounds, that comforter is there for us. It wraps around us and keeps us warm. It is alongside us constantly. It gets us through those rough winter nights.

Where do you receive your comfort? Who is your advocate? Where does your peace come from?  Friends, there is only one true advocate, one real comforter….only one that will come up alongside of us. The Holy Spirit is within us as believers and He dwells in our heart.

That fact is better than any down comforter on a cold winter day…or one when that air conditioner is a bit too cool!

May you be encouraged!

Isaiah 55_8-9


*NIV Bible, personal graphics



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