Have you Watched?

How many watch “Antique Road Show”?

AntiquesWhat is it about this show that we enjoy so much?

People place their items in front of the experts with the hope that Aunt Mary’s collection of tea cups is worth more than the tea once put in those cups!

My husband and I like to guess what the valueValuable or Not? of the item might be. Is it worth more than they paid for it at that garage sale? I am sure there are more “less than” than “more than” situations, they are just not televised!

The history of the item is discussed, its origin, and often times the purpose of the item. Then we are left in limbo as the commercial is taken.

The beauty of the love of God is that it is not like the “Antique Road Show”. When the Father sees us, He doesn’t say “If this were sold at auction today it would be worth….”

He simply looks at His children and says “Priceless”.

Doesn’t matter our history, our origin isn’t important to Him. He usually knows our purpose before we do!Luke 12_6-7

And don’t worry if you aren’t “antique”. It doesn’t require age to be considered valuable to Him.

You are loved. You are precious. You are important. You are valuable…based not on what you think or feel…but of how He sees you!

You my friend….are priceless!

Be Encouraged!

Isaiah 55_8-9


*NIV Bible, personal graphics….

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