Spilling Out and Splashing Over!!


When the Lord is speaking to your heart, I believe He will use many avenues in which to drive home a point. He uses His word, others, teachings and sometimes just the simple ordinary things of life.

Case in point….

How do we share the love of God? Talk more about Him with everyone we come in contact with? Knock on doors and speak truth into the ones that open those doors? How can we do enough? How do we know that we are doing it the right way? Are we pleasing Him?

We have to really quit trying.

Not that any of the preceding things are necessarily wrong if one feels the Holy Spirit leading. But friends, you cannot make it happen on your own.

Quit trying.

Rest in who we are IN CHRIST.

Several teachings have come before me as well as discussions about this very thing!

Once we realize how much the Father loves us and tmud-453891_640ruly grasp the depth of His love, we cannot help it. It splashes off of us. It spills out of us. We actually fill up with Him!

Like a can of soda being poured into a small glass…it eventually spills over. Or driving your car through a puddle of rain…it splashes all over your car! Both are unavoidable.

 Romans 15_13

And of course, I filled my coffee cup just a little too full the other day….guess what happened?


So friends, rest. Know you are loved….and spill over on those all around you. You probably won’t even realize it!!


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible, Personal graphics

2 thoughts on “Spilling Out and Splashing Over!!

  1. I really appreciate this post! I was just thinking about how we are always striving and how hard it is to rest in God’s love. Great message. Thank you!


    1. I often have to “work” to rest…rather a paradox! Resting in the Father’s love is always where I would rather be, and I need reminders myself. Thank you for the comment…blessings to you and yours!

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