Let me Introduce You…..

Can you describe the love you felt when you laid eyes upon your newborn?


Is it the same love you had when you saw your two year old in the pool submerged with his big brown eyes looking up at you helplessly?

What about when that five year old was burning up with fever and you had to place him in that tepid water?teddy-242878_640

Have you ever said that you would lay down in front of a moving train to keep your children from going through any pain that they might be enduring for a time?steam-train-502133_640

What is the type of love that would help a son and his wife move over six hours away and endure all that comes with that moving experience?

Let me introduce you to Unconditional Love.

As we helped make that move this weekend, I was alone driving eight hours in our “caravan”. That is a good amount of time to be alone with God. I was just a bit emotional. And yet, I was listening to my favorite music, praying and just enjoying the presence of the Father in my little car!

And He reminded me, as He has done so many times before, just how much He loves my children. That is pretty incredible.

His love is unconditional….
For my kids. For me.

For you.

That part is so hard for people. So many think that what they do or don’t do affects His love for them. It doesn’t. Our behaviors might have consequences in our lives…but they don’t affect His love for us.

So I understand just a bit better today why we believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are called “His children.” Unconditional love. And our love for our children doesn’t even come close to His love for us. There is nothing we can do to make him love us less…or more.

Gal 3-26-27

And even though my son and daughter in law are far away from us right now….it doesn’t affect our love for them.

When we grasp that unconditional love…we cannot help but share it with others. We don’t HAVE to share it…we GET to share it.

Think about it for a while.

In the meantime, I am going to go look at some baby pictures of the boys……

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

*NIV Bible, personal graphics

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