Satellite Map Search

Address Search-3

We have all done it.

Typed our address into a search box so we can pull up the satellite view of our home. We like pulling up the addresses of the places we are going to stay on vacation so when my husband and I are arguing about the actual building, we can remember what it half way looked like on our satellite search!

It is really kind of weird if you think about it too long. If we can do it, that means everyone else can search too.

I guess you could say that all our information is readily accessible; and that is not even mentioning all the social media sites we use.

And how about those of us that write blogs????? Do people really have to know all the details of my life in order for me to write and make a point I feel led to make? According to my husband….”No”.

Thankfully there is someone who can access all my personal information that loves me.  He can look at the place where I work, and the place that I worked 30 years ago. He has my address, my phone number and can zoom in on how I am feeling about the recent conversation I had with my friend.

He is not surprised that I got aggravated with my husband yesterday afternoon, nor is He is upset that I didn’t read my Bible for very long yesterday. He even knows what I was thinking about the lady who was bugging me in the waiting room this morning.

And yet…

HE still loves me. He knows all my thoughts, feelings, concerns, frustrations, goals, failures..He knows me better than I actually know myself…and yet…He still loves me.

That is the kind of search I am okay with….I am comfortable with…..I rest in.

His love for me is never changing. Always the same. I mess up…He loves me. I do something really well…He loves me. I forget to acknowledge Him at dinner…He loves me. I stop and help the lady at the check out line…He loves me. I mess up a relationship by saying something ugly…He loves me. I invite a friend to dinner…He loves me.

Titus 3_4-7

The search may not show the construction that is going on…but it will show what happens when we take the wrong turn. There are consequences to the choices I make….

But make no mistake…it doesn’t matter what I have done, or not done…HE still LOVES ME.

Now I wonder what that building on 30 A looks like?


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible, personal graphics

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