Me and Mums…..

mum cart

I am very fond of flowers and plants. I usually have the ability to grow them and sometimes even rescue them from an early demise.

And yet….

As the trees turn their magnificent magenta and orange; and the leaves flutter through the air as

ballerina delicately performing her adagio sequences;

Ballerinaand the crisp fall temperatures beckon the need  for a bonfire and marshmallows….

I try and grow mums.

“Try” being the operative word here. I have planted them over and over to no avail. I have done all I know to do….except something I didn’t realize they required….daily…..water.

Yes, much to my surprise, mums require watering everyday and apparently one cannot overwater them.

This my friends, was a surprise. So I started off this autumn season with the determination any good horticulturist could muster. “Water daily…and then some.”

Untitled design-4

I put forth a valiant effort. It reminds me of my spiritual life. If I am not watered or fed in some way daily….I wither. The life I know is available to me dries up and turns a color that I am not particularly fond of….

Do I study my Bible two hours daily? No. Do I make the time to read at least a verse every single day? Not always. Do I allow my spirit to be inundated with the message of this world or the message of hope through Jesus Christ?  Sometimes that first message seeps through, I must admit. So…..

I have to remind myself daily of who I am in Christ. I cannot lose sight of the fact that He lives His life through and in me. No matter my circumstances or feelings…HE is right there with me and provides the life and color in my life.

John 10_10

Nothing else holds me up. Absolutely nothing.

I need daily watering. Call it high maintenance. I call it living the life that God intended for us to live. The abundant Christian life.

Now excuse me while I try and revive my poor mums!

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*Amplified Bible, personal graphics

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