Two Weeks Ago….

Two Weeks Ago

Tonight I am sitting on my back porch in a long sleeve tee-shirt and sweat pants. Two weeks ago I had on the ceiling fan and shorts with a tank.

Two weeks ago it seemed to be getting dark around 8:45 p.m. It is now 7:31 p.m. and almost completely dark.

I use to really not like this change.

Not that I like the thought of an impending winter. I am one who truly prefers summer and the warm temperatures that come with it. Seriously. I love a bonfire…but I’d rather have a summer night where I don’t have to cozy up to flames that could cause me a third degree burn if I am not careful.

But alas, seasons change. The older I get the quicker they seem to come and go.

And I am not just talking in the physical sense.


Two weeks ago I was a mom of toddlers,  I homeschooled my children, I taught in the public schools, I sold videos, purses, makeup;  I wrote for a magazine, I was a mother of the groom, I was helping rebuild my house, I had surgery,  I worked for a boutique….two weeks ago.

I have had another “season change”. I have worked at a sweet clothing and gift boutique for eighteen months. I really enjoyed my part-time job there and hated to resign. But alas, this ‘ole earth suit is causing me a bit of grief, so in order to go as long as possible without surgery, I had to stop climbing the stairs and sitting for extended periods of time.

But I also have returned to the CCM radio station that I was at 14 years ago. The Lord spoke to my heart when I left and I knew I would be back someday. I am back at a place that I knew would someday be a part of my life again. I cannot believe it has already been seven months!

“For everything there is a season, and a

So yes, seasons change…and I think I am learning to just go with it. I can complain, worry, fret or just rest in the day-to-day. I can enjoy the beautiful weather now or worry about the most likely six inches of snow in February!

A day at a time is the best way to live our lives. Resting in His life..present in ours. I am learning to quit trying to figure it all out and just go with it. Living this life out is actually kind of exciting!

Tomorrow I will just wear layers and take off the jacket when it gets too warm. And I am not even going to think about sweater weather!

After all…. in two weeks it will be summer again!

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*ESV Bible, personal graphics

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