Patriot Day 2015

Patriot Day 2015

We simply cannot forget.

We all remember where we were when that horrible day in the history of our country occurred.  It was broadcast on live television some 14 years ago.  We sat mesmerized, as if watching a “made for television” movie;  the reality of the tragedy hitting us with the fact that we were watching truth.

It was simply surreal.  It still is in a way.

I was on air at a contemporary Christian radio station. My shift was 7-9am every day.  It started off like any other…timing of course was everything.  We broadcast a short news spot at the top of every hour or half hour when the breaking news was shared.  Then the phone started ringing.  I did not know what was really going on…and to this day I truly don’t remember my words. My job was to encourage through word and song and I believe that is what I did.

September 11, 2001

Others came to work and brought small televisions…the satellite news took over after a period of time.  I had talked to my children, my mom…but couldn’t get a hold of my UPS husband.  Finally he was able to call.  I remember no one knew what to do…or what was next.

I am on air again. I am back at the very station I was at 14 years ago. And I thought about that day and the tragedy that occurred to our nation.  

And I realized many things…God was our comfort.  God was our hope.  God was our peace.  God was still on His throne.

And He still is today. None of that has changed.

In that I have the utmost confidence.

Where were you that day in September?

We must never forget.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


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