What’s Your Heritage?

We all have a heritage. We may or may not know our ancestors…we may or may not know which country our family originates in…we may know our great-great parents and their struggles……

But I have a Christian Heritage.


A heritage is “something inherited from the past” according to Webster’s.

Psalm 61:5 “For you, God, have heard my vows; you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.”

This past week I watched a streaming program called #ccmunited. It was a concert of 40 years of Christian music. It started with Rich Mullins music and ended with Rich Mullins’ music.  In between was everyone from Steven Curtis Chapman to The Imperials to Laura Story.   I cried through the entire thing. Why would I cry?

Music has always meant so much to me. It reaches a part of my soul that often seems un-reachable. And it has always been an important part of my life as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I remember hymns from when I went to church as a little girl and when I attended with my sweet little grandmother. Once my husband and I started attending church with our boys, I joined the choir and sang on the praise team and had a solo or two.

We soon had a contemporary Christian music radio station in the area, and we supported it from almost the beginning. I attended a “Praise Gathering of Believers” for 14 years put on by the Gaithers. I always imagined heaven would be similar. Every type of Christian music was represented for three solid days. Music, teaching, speakers…it was wonderful.

I was even an announcer for the CCM station that I spoke of for almost five years. Those mornings were spent encouraging listeners with music and short programs. The truth was….it encouraged me more than anyone.

So the other night I cried. I realized that the Father had used this music over the years to speak to me in various ways. The “right” song would play on the station just when I needed it. Back in the day, I would hear Sandi Patty and Larnelle Harris sing “I’ve Just Seen Jesus” and really think I had…..

I remember playing the music in the background of our home when raising our children…and God’s word would fill the air.

All a part of my heritage.

One that I appreciate now more than ever.

I don’t know what your heritage entails. But you have one, I guarantee it. The Father has created us differently, we have learned through our experiences. And HE has been there every step of the way.

Maybe it was music. Maybe it was books….whatever it was..

It was yours and yours alone.

~Be blessed




*google image, pixabay, youtube, NIV Bible

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