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Not Just Reading Glasses…


It used to just be reading glasses…

Do you like to read?  I must say it is one of my favorite past times…but usually it is late at night and I fall asleep before I get through three pages!  But I still enjoy reading anything put in front of me.

There in lies the problem.  When I turned 40 my arms simply were not long enough. As time went on, I transferred from just reading glasses to the tri focal version.  And at 58, they are the first thing I grab in the morning.  They certainly amplify the words, and quite frankly, everything else I lay eyes on! All these things appear larger than they really are…but they indeed are true in image and focus.

I am so grateful for the ability to actually see better.  Looking through these glasses really gives me perspective of what I am looking at.

I contend that the Father gives us His eyes if we allow Him to do so. If we see personal problems and issues of this world through His eyes, somehow they become so much clearer.  They don’t go away and we still might not understand.  But I have found that I can deal with personal problems with much different “vision”.

Jesus gets it folks. When no one else understands, He does. He sees it with clarity, and although we may not really understand, we can always trust Him. I know from experience.

So I need my glasses. I am grateful with the “clarity” in which I now see…trust me, they help in many ways…..

Don’t tell anyone I have gotten in the shower and wondered why my eyes got cloudy!

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Warm and Safe

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

I really like to read.

I remember devouring books as a little girl and on through adulthood. I was never one of those people who didn’t read for fun just because I had to read so much in college. In fact, as a little girl, I actually remember getting excited when we got new cereal because I knew that I would have something new to read on the back of the box when we ate breakfast. Continue reading

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Reading and Children

How Important is Reading to Children?

Let’s just start out by answering this question right off the bat.
Very important!!


So many times when reading a novel I will make myself slow down so that I won’t finish the book too quickly…..Living in the world that I can only imagine many times!  It is strange, but sometimes I am so sad when I get finished with a book.

I have read books that have transported me to new lands, new experiences, and the past. Words on a page that are so vivid, I could smell the smoke burning the field as the family tried to save the farmland. Words on a page so incredibly real that I could smell the flowers along the path as the daughter walked to her cottage in the mountains.


As a former teacher, homeschooling mom and lover of reading….I simply cannot state how important reading is…and how important it is to start early!

By starting early, I do not mean “teaching them” how to read by the time they are two so you can brag about it! It is so important to start reading aloud with your child.  I actually started when I was pregnant with my boys!

Stating the obvious…it also gives you precious time with your children. Many of the memories I have with my children are sitting in the bed reading aloud. Each son would pick their favorite book for the night. I will admit some nights I barely had the strength to get through one book, much less two…but these memories hold precious to me. And many times I would hear the words…”One more Mommy?”

Sometimes reading a book in the middle of the afternoon would calm the current chaos of the moment. We would all cuddle up in the rocker and start reading….Where the Wild Things Are was a favorite.

Here are some great articles:

In the environment in which we live…I must wonder how important reading is to parents? There are hundreds of websites and articles in which point out the educational benefits of reading. So many children I know or have known spend their time in front of television either watching it or playing video games.


We live in an environment of “busy” that robs us of so much. Reading for the sheer pleasure of reading seems to be one of those articles stolen.

I am leaving you with just one list of the top 100 children’s books. As I read through that list, I am flooded with memories of a day gone by. Gosh! I feel old when I say that!!

Often times you can find these at garage sales or thrift stores. If you don’t want to buy…get a library card and read away! Enjoy!

Maybe you and your child will have a favorite to talk about when they are parents themselves!

~Be Blessed


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

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