Encouragement for Today~In today's world of swirling circumstances, we need to be reminded of how much we are loved by God.

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Teaching before Christmas is like a Peanut Butter and A Mustard Sandwich

*I wrote this last year and choose to repost it in honor of my dear teaching friends!  Hang in there, most of you have one week left.*

Teaching and Christmas is like…..

….. putting mustard on a peanut butter sandwich.


It doesn’t mix well.


Year after year the day we came back from Thanksgiving weekend, it began.

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Attention Teachers!!

I know what you are thinking.


 It is less than a month away in most districts.

It is about that time…….

I will admit that for the 15 years I taught in the public schools, and yes….the 10 years I homeschooled by boys….I dreaded that day like none other. Continue reading

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Real Help!

I want this blog to be real……

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