Real Help!

I want this blog to be real……

How can I help you?

I taught in the public schools for 15 years and homeschooled for 10 years. “Teaching” runs through my veins evidently and I cannot seem to stop doing it.


I have been a mom for almost 29 years now….and yes, I mother everyone as well. “Mothering” runs through those veins as well!


I have been writing this blog over the last year to offer help, tips, encouragement to homeschooling moms, teachers and just moms in general.

I need to know….am I helping? Can I help in other ways?

I encourage you to share……list some ideas for topics. Some questions you might have…I really have a heart for teachers and moms…from all walks of life! Just post a comment and we will go from there!


I will most likely continue to write….it allows me to teach, encourage and I HAVE to do it. I cannot help myself. Full veins and all…………………..

~Be blessed



*google, pixabay

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