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Chosen Skin Care Routine

Phil 4_19

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had a “wheat allergy” or what would more appropriately be referred to as a “wheat sensitivity”. When consumed, I would experience eczema and asthma flare ups.

The eczema flare ups seem to be caused by stress and hormones as well. I have tried almost every skin creme, makeup and cleanser known! At least it feels that way! The more affordable ones were the ones that I tried over the years to no avail. And yes, I did try those for sensitive skin. Continue reading Chosen Skin Care Routine

Provisional Dead Sea Salt

dead sea salt-2

I wash my face with Dead Sea Salt. I take off my mascara with coconut oil.

I am a “natural gal wanna be”. We have eaten “Paleo” style for two years and try to take care of ourselves. At our ages, everything counts…even daily flossing! Continue reading Provisional Dead Sea Salt