Chosen Skin Care Routine

Phil 4_19

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I had a “wheat allergy” or what would more appropriately be referred to as a “wheat sensitivity”. When consumed, I would experience eczema and asthma flare ups.

The eczema flare ups seem to be caused by stress and hormones as well. I have tried almost every skin creme, makeup and cleanser known! At least it feels that way! The more affordable ones were the ones that I tried over the years to no avail. And yes, I did try those for sensitive skin.

And then there was Dead Sea Salt.


Most will tell you it is a temporary fix, it does not do what most cremes, cleansers or masks should do for more mature skin. After all, I need to be worried about wrinkles! For the record, I am not worried. I believe I have earned each and every one of them. And the basic fact is that my body is not redeemed and it will finally deteriorate. I have accepted that.

But I also know that I am responsible for my temple and need to take care of it as best I can.  And I believe that the Father created us each in a very unique way.

Which brings me back to the Dead Sea Salt.

I read something about the benefits of Dead Sea Salt and thought…why not? It just felt “right”.  I am so glad I did this. I simply use a very hot rag over my face to open up my pores, put about a quarter of a teaspoon of the salt in a small medicine container and stir. I then use my fingers to apply and then use a washcloth with it applied. Nothing fancy, and sometimes it burns if I have had a flare up. But it has been incredible!! My pores looks better, my skin looks healthy and the natural moisture has returned…no need for moisturizer, which usually broke me out anyway!

I have done this for almost two years and my skin couldn’t look better. I also have my makeup made by “CindasBlends.” Her website is currently under construction,, but her email is

She creates her own organic makeup and other items that are amazing!  Her knowledge about skincare defies the imagination.

The combination of  Dead Sea Salt and CindasBlends has helped me personally.

And I do believe the salt has other medicinal uses. I order it off of


I would love to hear skin care tips that have worked for you!

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible, personal graphics

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