A Different Kind of Christmas

We have a “different kind of Christmas” this year.  Many of you, for many reasons, are experiencing the same thing.  Ours is my illness and COVID risks.  Many of you have lost loved ones, and my heart breaks for you.

This year we decorated a bit different. My snowman collection is sitting in different places. Our large Christmas tree is not up.  Instead, we have two smaller trees and a passed down Dickens Village.

We won’t see our one and only grandchild…my emotions are a bit messy.

I cannot continue to live off of past memories and be sad when things are not as they once were.  Life is full of expected and unexpected changes.  It is a different kind of Christmas this year. 

The dynamics change at each year’s family Christmas celebrations, no matter the year.  Marriages require children to share their time.  This year is just another different kind of Christmas. 

Trying to live up to “holiday traditions” and expectations can be exhausting and painful.  We put such pressure on ourselves.  Sometimes the holidays are glaring reminders of the pain that is present.

I need to be more mindful of those hurting this season. It is okay for it to be different this year. It is okay to create a “another normal” for yourselves.  Next year might bring another type of Christmas for one reason or another.

While traditions are fine and lovely, if this year is different…remember it is okay!

I am learning this year not to be caught up in what is expected, what the holiday should look like…I am being reminded to care about those hurting and help them through what might be a painful season for them. 

Getting all the “expectations” out-of-the-way has reminded me to keep my eye on the one whose birth we celebrate…JESUS.  For without Him I am nothing.

You may be hurting as you read this…always remember….Hebrews 13_5-6


~Be Encouraged Today~



I do want to share a video with you, from one of my favorite Contemporary Christian Artist…Mark Schultz. He has a special place in the hearts of people here in my hometown. May it encourage you!


2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Christmas

  1. Oh, what a beautiful Christmas message, Tammy. This Christmas teaches us to have more compassion and heart, which is the silver lining in all of this.

    I wish you and your loved ones a holiday filled with peace and love and may 2021 be a more joyful one.

    PS. Your snowmen are adorable.


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