My Valley Fever and Sweets Syndrome Journey /Chapter 2

**NOTICE**Some photos of rash are included**

After I wrote my first post I realized something.  I had not known what Valley Fever was, in fact, I had never heard of it.  Sweets Syndrome had the same effect…I knew nothing.

In fact, no one in the local hospital was aware of either one of them.  I decided that it might be wise to explain what each disease/syndrome actually was and how it manifests itself.

Sweets Syndrome a rare skin condition. Its main signs include fever and painful skin lesions that appear mostly on your arms, neck, head and trunk.

The exact cause of Sweet’s syndrome isn’t known. In some people, it’s triggered by an infection, illness or certain medications. Sweet’s syndrome can also occur with some types of cancer.

The most common treatment for Sweet’s syndrome is corticosteroid pills, such as prednisone. Signs and symptoms often disappear just a few days after treatment begins, but recurrence is common. from

Valley fever is a fungal infection caused by coccidioides (kok-sid-e-OY-deze) organisms. It can cause signs and symptoms such as a fever, cough and tiredness.

Two coccidioides fungi species cause valley fever. These fungi are commonly found in soil in specific regions. The fungi’s spores can be stirred into the air by anything that disrupts the soil, such as farming, construction and wind.

People can then breathe the fungi into their lungs. The fungi can cause valley fever, also known as acute coccidioidomycosis (kok-sid-e-oy-doh-my-KOH-sis). Mild cases of valley fever usually resolve on their own. In more-severe cases, doctors treat the infection with antifungal medications. from

Valley Fever has symptoms that are similar to COVID-19.  I was tested a few times for COVID-19 as they continued to try to find out what was wrong with me.  It also can be similar to TB, which I was tested for as well. X-Rays proved that I did have pneumonia in my left lung, that is normally the first organ the fungus makes itself at home in.

A punch biopsy proved that part of my rash was Sweet’s.  Although extremely rare, sometimes Sweet’s shows up with Valley Fever.  I have been told by my Infectious Disease doctors and Dermatology team that this was my body’s way of fighting the cocci fungus.

The beginning….much of it has faded now. The legs were the last to show signs of the disease and are still very dark patches, but the swelling is much better.

The fungus stays in your body forever, and the anti fungal medicine is used for months, sometimes years, to allow it to become dormant of sorts.  It can disseminate, but usually will do so in the first 2-3 weeks of infection. Fever is called an “orphan disease”.  There is not a lot of money put into the research or prevention of it. Sweets Syndrome is considered a rare disease.

I am learning a lot, has been a wonderful source for information. I highly recommend this site to learn about Valley Fever. Since my Sweets most likely came from the VF invasion, I have not studied it very much.

The one thing I have not had to learn is the faithfulness of God.  It has been a rough year for everyone in some manner.  When I was at my lowest, when I was not sure if I could get through the pain and uncertainty, the Lord never left me.  I knew that whatever the outcome, it would be okay.  No matter.  

He was who He always has proven to be…my rock, my strength, my peace and my salvation.

May you be encouraged today….in whatever you face!


5 thoughts on “My Valley Fever and Sweets Syndrome Journey /Chapter 2

  1. Oh Tammy, you are truly one of a kind, aren’t you? Why you? God must know how truly strong you are!

    Living in Arizona for 9 years, I was well aware of the delibitating disease Valley Fever. My heart goes out to you as you battle this horrible, challenging disease. Never heard of Sweet’s – but I do knw if anyone can conquer it, you caan. My prayers for courage go out to you, dear friend. I wish I knew what to advise for you, except to conquer it through healthy eating – which you do anyway, ❤


    1. Thanks dear friend. I am certain that my Fibromyalgia diagnosis last year and my better eating patterns and supplements helped me. I literally had lost 25 pounds and my fibro pain had pretty well disappeared! The doctors actually said I was a “baseline very healthy 60 year old woman.” Of course, I had them repeat it several times! lol I am just continuing to trust God, He is always faithful and will continue to be. Thanks so much dear friend!


      1. There was a common denominator in the the cases of fibromyalgia I saw as a nutritionist. Most worked around chemicals (hair stylist, house cleaners, dry cleaners, nai technicians, ink, painters, etc.) I don’t know if that’s you at all but when they were able to eat better which detoxed their body, they imporved greatly. Praying for your recovery too!


        1. Thank you so much! I worked around kids…lol as a teacher, but I don’t think that would count. I cannot make a connection based on those occupations. Who knows? But I do know this…nothing can separate me from the love of God, and for that I am grateful. Day to day, sometimes breath to breath!

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